Friday, August 22, 2014

Top 10 Northwest Arkansas food blogs you should be reading in 2014.

Hello friends!

Today is the day I get to share my absolute favorite annual post… the top 10 list of local food bloggers that I think you should be reading. 

Some make my list every year and are a constant source of inspiration. I am happy to say that this year there are three new ones that were not on my radar screen a year ago and I am glad to get to know them and make the introduction.  

Drum roll….

Our Everyday Dinners.  Amy is one of my tried-and-true food blogger friends that shares easy to follow recipes from her real life.  Whenever you have that 5pm “what should I make” moment, pop on over to her site and have your answer immediately.

The Stiers Aesthetic. Jonathan’s lifestyle blog is fooling no one and should be renamed as a food blog since he posts constantly about food. Last Sunday his blog turned one year old and I am dumbfounded about that. He has already accomplished so much in one year. We are talking serious high quality content and photography folks. 

The Food Adventuress.  Beth is masterful at telling the story behind the dish, the farm, the gathering. I love everything about her.

Recipe Doodle. I am befuddled. How does Ceri do it? She posts every single day while living a full life.  Me?  I posts occasionally with full intentions of posting several times a week while the massive backlog of photos and stories pile higher and higher.  She must post as she eats, cooks and breathes. This year she upgraded her site and moved it to WordPress, with the help of our friend, The Food Adventuress.

One World Plate.  A quick look at Peter’s tag cloud and themes of Korean, vegetarian, garam marsala, and ginger will quickly let you know that this is a food blog of exploration.  Unless you regularly chow down with Korean, vegetarian, garam mars alas, and ginger foods. If not, check it out.

Dining with Debbie. This year Debbie upgraded and moved her site over to WordPress, which allows us much greater freedom to explore her site.  She spends half of her time down south in Benton and the other half up here in NWA on Beaver Lake.  Don’t let that fool you… even though half of her time is up here, Debbie explores the area better than I do.  In fact, most of the time I ask her for insider tips!

The Sparkle Kitchen. Jamie was on my up-and-coming list last year and this year she is hitting it out of the park. One of the few blogs I actually subscribe to, The Sparkle Kitchen is consistent at delivering delicious recipe inspiration.

Eat Out NWA. A quick link jump over to Don’s site and you may scratch your head why I am including this blog since it has been a while since he has posted. First, go ahead and browse the restaurant reviews because they still are internet gold.  Secondly, he switched his reviewing efforts over to UrbanSpoon, where he is ranked #1 in reviewers in NWA.  I go to him all the time when I need restaurant advice.

B.Winzer. Truthfully, I did not know Brian’s blog even existed until I met him one day at Onyx Coffee in Tontitown/Springdale. The format and content of his blog is interesting and different to me and therefore, interesting.  His tag clouds highlight topics related to Hong Kong, Japan, Sapporo, Cambodia, and Anthony Bourdain.  Okay, he had me at Bourdain.

Mom at the Meat Counter. Are you seeing a theme here with my list?  I like variety and Jeaneal’s blog adds another piece to my local inspiration puzzle.  She has a PhD in meat science and you find this blog exploring the science it. Completely fascinating.

There you have it.  

Eat well, my friends. Eat well.


Friday, August 8, 2014

The sorrel is thriving.

sorrel herb plant in June (c)nwafoodie

In late late late spring, I planted sorrel.  Actually, it was more like early summer.  One Friday afternoon before closing time, I quickly popped into Bogles Garden City in Bentonville to see what herbs they had left.  You see, I had an empty planter without anything in it as well as a lushly vibrant pile of fresh compost obviously wanting me to come dig in it one more time. At Bogles, the herbs were all picked over except for a smattering of mint and a few sorrel plants.  Sorrel went home with me because the mint always misbehaves.

Sorrel completely intrigues me. Technically, it is considered a culinary herb although it more thought of as a green, like dandelion greens or spinach.  Sorrel is best when used for soups, pureed, with spinach, or with egg dishes.  Think of it like a slight savory herb with just an ever so whispery hint of lemon that quickly moves to overpowering if you use too much of it.  What intrigues me about sorrel is that seems old-fashioned.  Let’s face it, when was the last time you saw a recipe that calls for sorrel?

Friday, August 1, 2014

Five Foodie Finds for Friday, August 1st.

Five foodie finds for Friday, August 1, 2014 (c)nwafoodie

My little niece Jocelyn started kindergarten today and so begins her academic journey.  It thrilled me to see that instead of an elsya-princess-sophia-tangled-or-pink backpack, she chose a full-sized camo one.  Her simple reason was “because it’s nature and I like nature.”  You go, girl.

Needless to say, school is on my mind even though I don’t have any kiddos heading to class soon.  I can still get giddy about a lunchbox. Why should kids have all the fun?

Vintage thermos. Doesn’t this old-timey thermos just scream the Adirondacks? If you are into vintage quirkiness, you can score this 1950s beauty for a mere $70.  Want the vintage look without the hefty price tag and the decades oldness?  West Elm has the Heritage Traveling Collection for under $30.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ever wonder if blue cheese goes… bad?

Ever wonder if blue cheese goes bad (c)nwafoodie


What happens to it?

Does it get moldy-er?  Stinky-er? Does the smell get strong-er?

My latest blue cheese addiction is of the Danish variety.  It has a sweetness to it that is really working for me right now.  Don’t get me wrong.  Throw Stilton in front of me with a nice tawny Port and I am going to drop that Dane lickity-split and pledge my undying devotion to Mr. Stilty. 

However, until that little scenario swoons me off my feet, my fridge is still sporting the Sam’s Club honking-size package of Danish blue cheese.  Officially, we’re good.  The package tells me that we are good to go until August 11th. 


Yet I wonder.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

#Farm2Home14 inspiration.

#farm2home14 P.AllenSmith GardenHome ArkansasGrown bloggers taking it all in (c)nwafoodie

Hi there, friend. 
Whatcha’ been up to lately? 

I have been running around and slowing down, if that is even possible.

Something inside of me is blossoming, begging me to open up my eyes wider and marvel more.  Sometimes that means doing nothing other than savoring the moment while other times it means exploring.

Friday, June 20, 2014

I feel good… about supporting local.

#farm2home14 #support local P.Allen Smith Garden Home nwafoodie Dining with Debbie busvlogger

I feel good… about supporting local.

I feel good… about spreading the word about supporting local.

I feel good… knowing that you support local, too.

I feel good… that Arkansas has a great resource for finding local gems called Arkansas Grown.

I feel good… that I got a chance to hear all about it at the Farm2Home event at P. Allen Smith’s farm on Tuesday.

I feel good… about showing you this video where our fabulous local Northwest Arkansas bloggers and other fantabulous Arkansas state bloggers show off their dance moves… because they feel good about local, too.

What happens at Farm2Home, stays at Farm2Home.


Friday, June 13, 2014

Are you an everyday or an authentic foodie?

I never considered myself a foodie until one day an acquaintance of mine made the statement to me, “I never knew you were such a foodie, Lyndi.”  He had been following me on twitter on my old handle, @lakebrittany, where there were an obsessive-compulsive amount of tweets related to dinner making, hungry statements, and lustful retweets of foods that made me talk about dinner making and hungry statements.  A few days before he said that, I attended a mommy blogger conference for work and was stunned at the underground world that was going on around me.  I wanted a blog, too.  Jason’s comments quickly determined that it was going to have the name foodie in it and since it was about explorations around Northwest Arkansas, viola, a blog was born.  I was now a proud foodie with a name that proved it.


Except that there are a lot of conflicting thoughts about the term foodie.  So many folks have tried to make it a gourmand slash snobby term yet it is neither of those.  Those terms are called gourmand and food snobs.  The way I think of it, a foodie is someone who has an above-average interest in foodstuffs.  Yes, that is a bit simplistic I realize.  What can I say?  I’m a simple girl. 

I think this infographic from the HartmanGroup illustrates it quite well.

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