Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mi Scusi. I’ve just been to Italy.

Posted by Lyndi

I must apologize. 

You know I talk about all things food-related in Northwest Arkansas… but today I MUST break free. 

Mi Scusi!

My family and I have just returned from a two-week trip to Sabaudia Italy, just south of Rome…. and wow, how could I NOT share with you my food adventures from this glorious land?

Besides, there will be something in it for you, too.  This trip renewed my passion to search out and prepare simple, pure, clean, and tasty dishes.  I cannot wait to share them all with you.

Hopefully you will indulge me.

Overall Favorite Memory:  The delicious food, pampering and friendship of the wait staff at Hotel le Dune!  I cannot say enough about them all:  Marcello, Mario, Giovanni, Sonja, Giuseppe, Pinot, and Marco! Grazie!!!

Food item that most surprised me:  Would you believe… eggs?  What are they feeding these chickens over there?  Look at the vibrant orange of the yoke!  I still cannot get over it!

Favorite completely shocking moment:  After a long day of travel from Arkansas – Memphis – Amsterdam – Rome – Sabuadia, we arrived in time for dinner.  After the first course of antipasta, we were served the pasta course.  “No Glutina,” I said, as a fresh steaming delightful dish of pasta was placed in front of me.  It was quickly whisked away.  A second waiter appeared, again with the pasta.  “No Glutina,” I said to him.  But the pasta stayed.  Guiseppe, my waiter, said “No…. NO Glutina!”  Can you believe it?  EVERY MEAL I HAD MY VERY OWN, SPECIALLY PREPARED GLUTEN-FREE PASTA AND GLUTEN-FREE BREAD!!!  Oh joy, oh joy, oh joy!  My tears welled and the family cheered!  I must say, as spontaneous as that reaction was, it must have encouraged them greatly.  It was so much fun to see my pasta dish was double-the-size of the regular pasta dish of everyone else.  Pampered?  Definitely. Spoiled?  Terribly so.

Foods that let you know you’re in Italy:  What can I say… Italians know how to do it right!

Biggest food regret:  Fioria de zucca.  Stuffed squash blossoms.  I got a photo of them in the market… but alas, Lyndi failed to imbibe.  It was right there, right within my reach.  In Rome, we grabbed lunch and I actually ordered them!  The waiter quickly told me, “Oh, you no eat… has glutina!”  So, I cancelled the order.  Big mistake!  I should’ve ordered and just admired them while everyone else experienced it.  Sigh.  Next time in Rome..

Favorite living-vicariously-through-someone-else food moment:  My niece’s first gelato.  Isn’t that adorable?

Thanks for letting me go on and on today.  I cannot wait to share with you all that I’ve learned!  I missed chatting with you all these past few weeks! 

Happy eating!  Caoi!


  1. Italian gelato is the best! The only one I have found locally that is anywhere close is at the deli counter in the Neighbourhood Market by Pinnacle.

    The blossoms are probably zuchini/ courgette, rather than plain squash. Grow some yourself next year, they are easy :)

    I was always told a string, dark yellow egg yolk is the sign of a healthy hen with a varied diet (ie truly free range). Also, when we got our eggs off a farm with hens in the yard, the color would vary through the year.

  2. Hey girl! I smell a challenge!!! I must get a garden going next year! When we lived in Cave Springs with some acreage it was so wonderful and easy. Bella Vista has been such a challenge... but I MUST do it! :)

    I picked up our farm egg order today... all week we had to make do with store eggs (ugh!). I am so spoiled now!!!

    By the way, we flew over your homeland! I must save I was craving rashers... that's what you call mashed potatoes, right? :)

  3. Sure, as a vegetarian that's what I call mash :P

  4. Great post and pictures...everything looked so fabulous. Enjoy reading your blog!

  5. Hi Kevin, awwhhh... thank you!!! Everything WAS fabulous!!! Thanks for reading my blog... and enjoying it, too!

    Quick note to everyone else out there... be sure to check out Kevin's food blog!!!!


  6. Hi Lyndi! I tried to send an email but I couldn't quite get it to work. Technology is my nemesis. It was so good to meet you at the BV Flea Market today! My husband says he thinks he knows you too. His name is Steven Brooks. He has been a chef at the Market at Pinnacle Point, Blessings Golf Club, Soul, and currently executive sous at Pinnacle Country Club. It's a small world! Loved the pictures from your Italy trip! What an amazing experience!

  7. Hey Sea Monkey Cove Trading Co. (aka Mandy!)...

    WOW, IT IS A SMALL WORLD!! Of course I know Brooks!!!! I went to the Market at Pinnacle Point so often that one time I turned into the parking lot on the way home from work without evening thinking about it! I had no plans to go there, it was just automatic! I hated it when it closed and I still want the coconut chicken recipe!!! I did figure out the salsa recipe though!

    I Loved, Loved, Loved, SOUL restaurant and I blogged/tweeted about it often. I hated it when it closed to bc it left such a food gap in that part of town. sigh. I did figure out Case's basil watermelon martini. Yum!

    I also loved watching Bring the Cuisine on JonesTV -- is it still on?

    My email is I'll also stop by BV Flea Market and take a photo of your awesome polymar clay jewelry and post it to my sister's fb! You are very talented!

    Take care and have a great day today!! Let's stay in touch!


  8. I'm sitting here drooling just looking at your pictures. Molto buono!

  9. Hey Meigan, thanks for checking them out!

    I have to admit that I go back and look at them everyday (not kidding)! The one photo, 7th from the bottom, was actually listed on the menu as "beef buttock!" I'm assuming that mean rump roast... we had a good laugh over that!


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