Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Add a splash of tasty green with Tuscan kale pesto.

Tuscan Lacinato kale pesto (c)nwafoodie


Beautiful vibrant pesto. 

Whether you like yours made with basil, arugula, sage, spinach, or dandelion greens, one thing remain the same: pesto is beautiful, vibrant, and adds a splash of tasty green.

It’s splashlicious.

I purchased an abundant bunch of local, certified organic hydroponic Lacinato kale in my last two farmbox deliveries.  Lacinato kale is a smooth leaved kale with dark bluish-green leaves.  It is slightly sweeter and has a touch of delicacy compared to its curly cousin.  Also known as Tuscan kale, this variety traces its roots (ha) centuries back to Tuscany.  Ever heard of that little known Italian dish that goes by the name minestrone?  Yes, Tuscan kale is the traditional variety used in that splashlicious soup.

I love that we have Tuscan kale available to us via our fingertips from a local farm, Ozark All Seasons.  Since it is grown certified organic hydroponically, I am looking forward to continued repeats all winter in future farmbox deliveries.

Organic hydroponic Lacinato kale from Ozark All Seasons farmboxdelivers (c)nwafoodie

Have you ever made kale pesto? It’s just as easy to make as basil pesto but the taste has enough uniqueness to it that it awakens all of your taste buds and forces your mouth to say, “WOW!”

Compare it for yourself and see if I am wrong. 

Pesto is fantastic for adding a splash of color and taste to broiled or grilled white fish such as Icelandic cod, Halibut, Chilean Sea Bass, or flounder.  Use it as a dip on freshly baked bread.  Mix it in with a little mayonnaise and use as a spread on your upcoming Thanksgiving turkey leftovers with a little melted provolone and rye bread. The addition adds a touch of culinary deliciousness. 

Be still my heart.

Tuscan Kale Pesto
Makes 1 ½ cups


1 bunch of Lacinato or Tuscan kale
3 tsp of minced garlic
1 cup grated Parmesan
½ cup olive oil
dash of lemon juice
1 tbsp pine nuts (optional)


Wash kale under warm water and remove stems.  Set aside.

In food processor, add garlic, Parmesan, salt, and pepper. Pulse.

Boil water and blanch the kales in the water for about a minute until wilted.  You want to keep the colors vibrant yet still have it pliable. Remove from water and drain.

Add kale to food processor and puree, adding olive oil until the pesto becomes a smooth creamy texture.  Think more oil rather than less.  Live a little.

Add a dash of lemon juice. Puree and taste.  Adjust seasoning to taste.  There is nothing that says you can’t add a dash of sriracha or a pine nuts at this point.

How to make kale pesto (c)nwafoodie

Tuscan Kale Pesto Mayonnaise

Take 1 teaspoon of the Tuscan kale pesto and mix it with 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise.  There now, that wasn’t so hard was it?

Happy pesto-ing!

Eat well, my friends. Eat well.



  1. Sounds quite delicious. I must try it.

    1. It really is quite easy and not time consuming at all!


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