Friday, November 8, 2013

Five Foodie Finds for Friday, November 8th.

Five foodie finds for Friday November 8 2013 (c)nwafoodie

Hello foodie friends. 

Today's finds jump from local Northwest Arkansas to France to Spain.  The really cool realization is knowing that even a Frenchman or a Spaniard can have a little bit of Arkansas delivered to them.


Arkansas Life. This classy Arkansas lifestyle magazine’s latest issue highlights one of our local Northwest Arkansas food treasures - Chef Miles James from James at the Mill in Johnson and 28 Springs in Siloam Springs. This feature article is over-the-top stunning and even provides us with a complete seven-course meal menu that we can recreate from start to finish. Hmmm, I wonder if I can pull it off.

edible Ozarkansas. In case you didn’t catch my earlier ravings about another culinary treasure in our neck of the woods, edible Ozarkansas is the latest local magazine to launch in our region.  Focused on all things food-related in the Ozarks, edible Ozarkansas is part of the larger edible community here in North America and the James Beard foundation.  This is as local as it gets, folks.  Subscribe today.

French almond macaroons. Do you like to wow?  There aren’t too many things out there that can wow more than a French-made and shipped overnight box of delicate macaroons. Comes in an assortment of chocolate, white chocolate, apricot, lemon, pistachio and raspberry. Seriously, what more can I say?

Olivewood nutcracker. Are your trees dropping pecans, hickory nuts, or walnuts?  Or, like me, are you excited about this time of year because Walmart keeps action alley loaded with bags of mixed nuts?  Keep a bowl out this fall and winter along with this nutcracker from Spain. I love that these are safe for kids four and half and older so they can get in the crack-pop-snack action!

Bread proofer. As temperatures drop and our nesting urges rise, we want comfort food.  Warm, toasty, gooey comfort food.  Baked homemade bread is just the thing!  A bread proofer allows you to have control of the heat and humidity during the rising and proofing stages. Don’t be nervous anymore. Add a bread proofer to your wish list and take out the guess work.  Good for gluten free breads and even for making homemade yogurt.

Do you have a foodie find that you would like to share?  Drop me a note at nwafoodie (at) gmail (dot) com.

Happy Friday!


Eat well, my friends. Eat well.


  1. Aw - thanks for sharing the AR Life article, friend! Love seeing local food supported by our native publications. :) XO!

    1. Just doing my part!

      Thanks for the article, it was deliciously written!


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