Tuesday, December 10, 2013

This is what a foodie buys when she is snowed in.

this is what a foodie buys when she is snowed in (c)nwafoodie

A cold front stopped by to visit us and tucked-us-in with her powdery winter blanket.

We missed her arrival last week since we were gallivanting all over NYC and intensely bummed that we were missing all the beauty back home. (I know, that sounded like incredibly misplaced whining to me, too.)  Full disclosure, Dennis and I are rain and snow people. 

Big time.

We travelled home late Sunday and crashed in a nearby hotel for the night as many of you provided such richly detailed travel reports that we knew we better not risk the hills of Bella Vista until daylight.  As the sun rose the next morning we saw the beautiful white on white on white textures of our countryside. 

Northwest Arkansas, you really know how to rock the winter look.  You so fine.

After quickly picking up Hudson from doggy day care, we had one final stop before home… the grocery store.  I knew my kitchen was already stocked with pantry essentials such as wine, whiskey, and eggs, so we loaded up on what we though were our essentials.

Who else thinks that duck breast is a snow essential?

What to buy when you are a snowed-in foodie:

Heavy whipping cream
70% dark chocolate bar
Chicken breasts with rib meat
Chicken legs with thighs
Boneless, skinless chicken thighs
Duck breast 
Navel oranges
Bing cherries
Portabella mushrooms
Talenti banana chocolate swirl ice cream
Sweet potatoes
Serrano peppers
Gourmandise cheese with walnuts
Havarti cheese with herbs
Vidalia onions

So obviously, not everyone was snowed in this weekend or lives where there is even a chance of getting snowed in. 

But I am a curious sort, what are your snowed-in food essentials?

Eat well, my friends. Eat well.



  1. Ha! I think just knowing I could at least bake a couple recipes I'd been meaning to try was the only thing that kept me sane when we were snowed in in NWA. The roads were really really bad near our house too in Bella Vista so it's a good thing you didn't chance them. Saw all your fun times in New York, glad you had a nice trip!

    1. Did you end up baking? It's still white out there so you have time!

      Just the fact that schools are still closed says something. Feeling incredible thankful that I have a job and a company that allows me to telecommute in this stuff.

      NYC was fun! Especially since I was with loved ones!

      Happy baking!

    2. Well, not as much baking as I would have liked. Just some oatmeal cookies with butterscotch chips and chocolate chips. But I'm making up for it this weekend with a huge baking spree with my mom making up our annual treats and goodies we give to friends for Christmas! So it will be a great weekend of baking. A very great weekend indeed. There may be many messes and casualties in the kitchen. But it's all for a good cause. Happy baking to you too!

    3. Sounds absolutely wonderful, especially the part "there will be many messes and casualties in the kitchen." Sounds delightful! Have fun baking with your mom, Kaylin!

  2. I neglected to let you know, dear friend, that I adored this post!!! So great. And yes, NWA: you so fine.

    Funny thing: the paper called me on this exact subject of what a foodie buys when she is snowed in, and ran a little article about it (although it didn't go as food blogger as I had hoped). I told them to call you for the real scoop!

    This great post will go in my idea and inspiration file - I love thinking about the way foodies do it differently. And with extra spice. :)


    1. Yes - they reached out to me, thanks for giving them my contact info. That is exactly what inspired this post!


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